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Welcome to Landscaping Las Vegas Trends. We here at Living Water Lawn & Garden started this blog with the desire to shine a light on the new materials and trends in landscaping around Las Vegas Valley homes.

Have you ever looked at your landscape and thought “If I could just add some things like a fire pit, or a water feature, it would look really good.” but you aren’t sure what materials to use or even the best placement in your yard, then following this blog will give you some insight and ideas. Maybe it is an outdoor kitchen you have always dreamed about but envisioning the final design is something you need help with. Some of the new trends in landscaping involve low maintenance water features and cutting edge LED landscape lighting. Living Water has experience with all of that and more and we can lead you in the right direction.

Living Water lawn & Garden is here to bring you the latest ideas in landscaping for Las Vegas. Whether it is an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, water feature, or LED landscape lighting placed in the right locations to accent your beautiful yard, Living Water can do it all.

Check back with Landscaping Las Vegas Trends as we will go in depth on many topics that will bring beauty to the desert. Just in time with the cold weather and the holidays upon us, our next blog we will talk about fire pits and fire features. These functional custom features can bring warmth and sophistication to any outdoor living space.


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