No Need to Fight Fire: Lighting up Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada: the city of bright lights in the desert, under a wide open sky. It’s undeniably beautiful; and yet, at night, the cold draws in – and it becomes impossible to enjoy the natural beauty and conviviality of spending a long, pleasant evening outdoors. The services Living Water has to offer can provide a simple, safe, and aesthetically excellent solution to this problem: the installation of a fire pit or other fire feature which will add to your landscape.


Various Fire Features Living Water Can Offer

The fire pits Las Vegas retailers provide come in varying shapes and sizes, and it is best to find a Las Vegas landscaping company willing to custom-make the installation in order for it to fit in well with the rest of a garden’s landscaping and atmosphere. A rectangular fire pit, for example, might work best in larger gardens, perhaps with elongated verandas or seating areas that need warming; on the other hand, a circular feature is a familiar staple that can look pleasant in any garden, potentially best used at the center of a round patio. Choosing a square shape is an easy way to form hard, clean lines in a garden with a contemporary feel, but for those seeking to look to the past for landscaping inspiration; a fire hearth is the optimum choice: warm, wide, and welcoming, a hearth lends any garden a timeless, joyful atmosphere. Speaking to a Las Vegas landscaping company about the right shape and size of a fire feature is a surefire way to guarantee making the right choice.


Safety Combined with Style

Having an outdoor fire feature may initially seem daunting in a family setting, but there are simple steps that installers of fire pits can take in order to make sure that the feature is safe while still being stylish. Building the installments with durable, high-quality hardscape materials ensures that the feature is long lasting and sturdy; these materials, additionally, look fantastic in any garden, unobtrusively providing complete safety. The fire pits Las Vegas landscapers can provide will comfortably outlast harsh weather conditions thanks to being well-made and tailored carefully to the individual home.


When considering their landscaping, Las Vegas residents could greatly benefit from adding a fire feature to their plans. A durable, attractive, heartwarming addition to any outdoor space, fire features provide a unique atmosphere that cannot be in authentically replicated with lights or electric heaters. The sound and sight of a crackling fire provides the final, finishing touch to any great landscaping design: whether warming a seating area or setting off a water feature to best advantage at night, a fire pit or hearth adds a crucial and beautiful element to a complete landscape package.

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