Back Flows Las Vegas: Care and Maintenance

Winterizing is a process that is  used to get ready for the colder weather. Your landscape looks great and your landscaping in Las Vegas is the best thing on your property. Without the proper measures, you may run into some problems. While you may not be fully aware how to go about winterizing your irrigation, there are professional companies that will handle this.  The main purpose is to prevent your back flow in Las Vegas from bursting and also offer proper installation and maintenance.

One of the biggest dangers in the winter is the pipes freezing, and this will result in the pipes splitting and breaking. The objective of winterization is to ensure that all the pipes are protected before the winter begins. It is highly advisable to winterize in Las Vegas, to prevent such incidents.

Back flow with insulated cover
Back flow in Las Vegas

Basics of Winterizing

Ideally, the process entails draining water out of the backflow to prevent any cases of the water freezing inside the pipes. When the water freezes during winter, it will expand your PVC pipes and crack them. As much as the polyethylene pipes tend to be flexible, the freezing water in the back flow system in your landscaping will cause serious damage to the internal elements of your irrigation system.

In order to minimize the damages that are associated with frozen water pipes, you need to winterize the irrigation system. This is a consideration that should be factored in during the installation of your landscaping in Las Vegas. There are several methods that can be used, but you should leave this to the pros.


Why Hire a Professional Company for Winterization

Most people are conscious of other aspects of their homes when it comes to winterizing. While this is a good thing, your irrigation system needs to be winterized as well. This will keep your landscaping in Las Vegas in great shape, even in winter. There are so many people that would recommend DIY winterization, but it is not as effective as having a professional like Living Water Lawn & Garden doing this for you. Find an expert, and you will be grateful for the numerous benefits that you will enjoy from winterizing your irrigation system.

Newly installed valves before valve box
Professional Installation
Valves in need of cleaning and repair
DIY Valve Box

Benefits of Irrigation Winterization

If your irrigation system was not installed properly when you had your landscaping done in Las Vegas. Now is a good time to have that corrected. The main advantage of winterizing the irrigation system is the prevention of bursting of pipes. Most of it as a result of carrying frozen water. Here are some benefits that you will get with professional winterizing services:

  • The back flow is checked for cracks and leaks.
  • All valves will be buried, checked for leaks, and have the system bled.
  • All exposed polylines are buried to the proper depth.

    Close-up of cracked back flows Las Vegas
    Cracked back flows in Las Vegas
  • Above grade pipes are insulated, and the back flow is insulated with an additional protective cover.

Landscaping in Las Vegas is a huge investment, and do not let it waste away in winter. Winterizing the irrigation system will also give you a good opportunity to inspect the pipes and other components and have them cleaned and repaired.

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