Five Benefits of Fertilizer Injectors in Las Vegas

There are a variety of options for fertilizer injectors in Las Vegas, and most of the systems are designed for homeowners. Many systems will use a siphon system to add the fertilizer to the irrigation system.


Fertilizer injectors are used to care for your landscaping in Las Vegas. They are a great option for home-owners who want to take care of their landscaping. Here are the five benefits of using fertilizer injectors in Las Vegas.

Saves Time

Fertilizer injectors in Las Vegas use an irrigation system that saves time on landscaping. With the environment of Las Vegas, most yards need to be fed more than once during the growing season. The injector applies the fertilizer without you needing to apply it yourself or hire the landscapers.

Installed Fertilizer Injector System
Installed Fertilizer Injector System

Multiple Uses

Once the system has been installed, you can use the injector throughout the season. The system can also be used for applying pesticides to your yard as needed. You should check the manual before using any other products than fertilizers. You should also make sure that you are only using products that have been approved to be used in irrigation systems.


Organic Products

There many products on the market that you can pick to use in the injectors. There are organic pesticides and fertilizers that you can use. Make sure that they are safe to be used in your irrigation systems. Most products will have this information on the bottle.


Better Control

When you are using a water-soluble fertilizer, the plants can take in the nutrients at a faster rate. This is because the fertilizer is in the water that the plant roots are taking in. It allows you to adjust the amount of fertilizer your plants are getting on a regular basis.

This means that you can inject a large amount of fertilizer or a small amount depending on what your yard needs at the time.

Fertilizer Injector in Las Vegas
Fertilizer Injector System

Can Help Save Your Lawn

Fertilizer is an important part of your landscaping in Las Vegas because the ground does not have a huge number of nutrients in the soil. Fertilizer injectors  in Las Vegas can help save your lawn, as it adds the right amount nutrients into to the soil. The extra water and nutrients can help protect your lawn from the hot, dry summers in Las Vegas.


Using a fertilizer injector in Las Vegas applies the fertilizer in an effective way. This can help keep your landscaping beautiful as it provides the right number of nutrients. This saves you time since the fertilizer is applied right to the plants, and you can use specialized products that can help protect your plants from bugs. There are different systems that you can pick from, but many of them work in the same way and will cover your lawn with the fertilizer. Living 
Water Lawn & Garden is able to install one of these injectors into your irrigation system. Call today for a free estimate.

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