A Healthy Living Guide to Raised Planter Gardens Las Vegas Style

Raised Planter Gardens Las Vegas
Raised Planter Gardens Las Vegas

Creating raised planter gardens is not a new concept and is something that has been done for centuries. Raised planter gardens in Las Vegas provides superior yields of vegetables, fruits, and flowers but take up much less space. This saves time and costs more than the average ground level garden varieties.


When you are dealing with the unique quality of soil and landscaping Las Vegas has, designing a raised planter garden will save you from the headaches caused by the rock and sand soil here. Many people who desire the micronutrient-rich soils that are not found here, will start vegetable gardens Las Vegas in a raised planter garden.

The soil in Las Vegas is not dense with micronutrients required to allow vegetables, fruits, and flowers to grow and produce abundantly. By building and designing raised planter gardens in Las Vegas, it will allow you to infuse your soil with the much-needed nutrients and minerals needed for your plants.


 Landscapers near You

There are professional and knowledgeable landscapers near you Las Vegas locals, who can provide assistance when you desire to start a raised bed garden. They know all the techniques required to design raised planter gardens Las Vegas  and to provide healthy living and proper production of plants in the undernourished soil.

Root and Aeration

When you install a raised planter gardens Las Vegas because of the hard native soil, the planter garden’s soil will provide much better aeration. Aeration is possible in the looser more nutrient rich soil compared to the native Las Vegas dirt that can’t provide nutrients with its hard, compact rock type soil.

The roots are now able to breathe and can spread out within the loose soil. Without the raised planter gardens Las Vegas, the native soil could damage the roots of all your plant life because they would not be able to breathe or spread out and would starve from lack of oxygen and nutrients. 

Landscaping Las Vegas for Better Drainage

The soil in Las Vegas is a rock and sand mixture and has very poor drainage. It tends to stay saturated which is not a great environment for most plants to thrive. Raised planter garden Las Vegas landscapers near you understand which types of soils to use and how to develop a healthy soil system for each of your plants with proper drainage.

The loose, less compact soils, have better drainage, so your plants don’t drown, but have the ability to hold the much-needed water, nutrients and oxygen in proper balance. This helps to provide a healthier environment for all your plants. Raised planter gardens Las Vegas offers many different container types to chose from. It ranges from cedar to recycled plastic to composite materials.

Choose a landscaping Las Vegas company with proven results and knowledgeable experience like Living Water Lawn & Garden. There may be many landscapers near you Las Vegas residential areas who don’t understand the soils or how to properly develop a raised planter garden in Las Vegas. Do your research and start providing a healthier environment for your plants.

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