Four Tips for Designing Outdoor Kitchens Las Vegas

Custom BBQ Island
Custom BBQ Island With Veneer Stone

Outdoor kitchens Las Vegas adds more living space to your home. Like indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens need to be designed in a way that allows you to cook the way you want, year round. Including other features in your outdoor kitchen makes it that more custom designed for you. Here are some great tips to design your outdoor kitchen.

The Flooring

When you are thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard, you need to figure out the type of flooring you want. Flooring is very important because this is what all the items are placed on. Paver stone or concrete flooring is a popular option, as they do not need a lot of work to keep them looking nice.  Make sure to prepare the flooring with a sealant so that food stains are easier to clean up.

The Location

The best place in your yard for an outdoor kitchen will depend on several factors. You should avoid having the kitchen too close to the hourse since you do not want smoke wafting into your home.



BBQ Island
BBQ Island With Custom Tile Countertop & Backsplash

At the same time, you do not want the kitchen too far from the home. This avoids need to carry heavy platters over a long distance. You should also look at how your yard is laid out, and how it is used. Will you also be having seating nearby that would also affect the loaction of the kitchen? You’ll want everything at a convenient distance so that it will be used as designed.

The Appliances Determine the Overall Size of the Kitchen

One of the first questions that landscapers near you will ask is what size appliances you need and how many are needed. For most outdoor kitchens Las Vegas, there are multiple refigeration, cooking appliances, wine cabinets, bun warmers, smokers & grills available.

The design will help you figure out the layout for your outdoor kitchen. You should avoid placing the appliances too close to each other because this can lead to problems if there is more thank one person in the kitchen.

Built In BBQ With Tile Backsplash & Countertop

When you are picking appliances, make sure you pick ones that are reliable. Remember that these appliances are going to be outside year round. There are models made now that are designed for outdoor kitchen. Living Water Lawn & Garden uses appliances that will last for years and look amazing.

Places to Store and Place Items

Like an indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen needs to have areas to sit items down and to store them when not in use. The major difference is that the outdoor kitchen storage needs to be waterproof and able to handle changes in temperature.

Steel and natural stone are great options since they can hold up to the weather and look great. An outdoor kitchen will need more under counter storage because it is more difficult to add upper cabinets. So, plan ahead to make sure that you have more than enough storage in your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens have become a major part of landscaping Las Vegas. There are many designs that you can pick from or build something completely custom to you. If you want more information about outdoor kitchens Las Vegas, contact Living Water Lawn & Garden.

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